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On 05 September 2023, the new guest pager Coaster Call Pro 2nd Generation (RX-CS8) was introduced.

The new pager is more robust than the current RX-CS7, as the new outer material uses an even more resistant plastic. As a result, it is better protected against damage caused by dropping it up to a height of 1.5 meters. In addition, the new RX-CS8 uses a new Li-ion battery with deep discharge protection, and it has an optional connection with changing advertising.

Features RX-CS8:

– more robust design

– Li-Ion battery with deep discharge protection

– optional advertising

Furthermore, the new Alpha Coaster Call 2nd Gen (RX-AC8) was introduced.

It is based on the RX-CS8 and complements it with additional features.

Features Alpha Coaster 2nd Gen (RX-AC8):

– Color display

– European special characters

– Adjustable font color and alarm

Price Reductions:

In addition, some products such as RX-CS6 will become cheaper with the new price list – effective Sept. 10, 2023.

LRS uses different battery technologies – depending on the application there are suitable solutions.

NiMH rechargeable batteries


+ Charge cycles (7000)

+ Lifetime (60 months- high weight

+ robustness

+ mechanical insensitivity

+ transport costs


– low energy density

– no emergency shutdown in case of deep discharge


Li ION batteries


+ Energy density

+ weight

+ Emergency shutdown in case of deep discharge

+ Electronically controllable


– Charging cycles (1000)

– Problems with aging, mechanical sensitivity (-> swollen battery)

– Lifetime (48 months)


As a general rule:
The better a battery is treated, the longer its service life. In the newer LION batteries, this is optimized by electronic charging technologies – in order to partially compensate for the technology-related significantly lower complete charging cycles.

With an integrated deep discharge protection, LION batteries prevent self-destruction of the battery through deep discharge by means of timely emergency shutdown. This is technically not really possible with NiMH batteries.

NiMH batteries always want to be charged – a trickle charge even during „hibernation“ is important. For professional applications, overnight charging is mandatory. Lifetimes of 7 years and more are best performances here.

From practical experience we know that NiMH batteries are less sensitive to aging, dropping and other physical stresses.

Economically meaningful are applications of NiMH accumulators if:

– high physical loads are to be expected
– continuous charging is guaranteed

Economically reasonable are applications of LION batteries if:

– a continuous charge cannot be guaranteed (frequently changing employees/seasonal business