The „Soft Opening“ allows the team to optimise all the processes and offer the best service to the client. 

ROK is a new, creative salad and pizza experience with guest priority. To be more exact is the perfect offer for business people who have a very short midday pause as well as on the evenings, giving the possibility to get together and relax. 
One of the most important keys are the regional products and ingredients which are professionally prepared. 

A modern atmosphere with an open kitchen gives the client the feeling to be part of the cooking process. 

"We have looked at over 200 restaurant concepts in the US, we have researched in internet and have used the best for our concept", says Till Witten, one of ROK's founder. 

"During lunch time the client can order at internet or directly at the restaurant so that they can pick up the order it quickly or eat with us – and will be called through the table tracker system. The tracker offers thanks to a Datamatrix-Code a payment identification“ explains John Ehlerding, co-founder of ROK. 

"In the evening we offer with the same technology equipment service to the table - the tracker identifies where the client sits and therefore we can deliver easily and fast the order. The high service quality is for us very important.“


About ROK - Rock Our Kitchen

Original from Hamburg, Till Witten and John Ehlerding have made the decision in 2014 to open a very trendy restaurant using for it the best ingredients, best preparation and the latest technology.