Offer faster service and reduce your operating costs

LRS pagers, trackers, push buttons and wait list software improve your impact on positive customer experiences, reduce your operating costs and increase your revenue. 

We are the leading manufacturer of paging system solutions

LRS has been a manufacturer of patented onsite communication solutions since 1993 – our pagers hold many patents and our trademark is registered in the USA. In the American headquarters (Dallas, USA) the product development and central services for the worldwide partners on all 5 continents take place.

We import the latest automation technology from the USA and adapt it for the European market.

Long Range offers „add-on-values“ with its solutions for your business, streamlining operational processes, improving service quality and increasing revenue – with an ROI of well under 60 days.

We are present on the European mainland since 2006 – since 2008 our European location is in Germany (Braunschweig) with a large warehouse, technical support and your contact persons for sales & marketing.

We are represented with our solutions in many industries such as gastronomy & hotel, logistics, health care, production and trade.

Through our resellers, you receive expert advice and professional services – and on-site help if needed.

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