Push for Service

On-demand service at the push of a button

Let your employees know immediately when help is needed and improve customer satisfaction and productivity.



The LRS Pronto sends a silent alarm to anyone in the building wearing an LRS Alpha Messaging Pager or Staff Pager at the push of a button. It is used for immediate notification when help, assistance or a staff member is needed. The Pronto sends simple alarms or written messages to one or more people.

Compatible with

4 Line Alpha Pager



Custom Message

Batteries (2AA) or power supply cable

Auto Repage

Manager alert for missed request

Keyhole slots for mounting


Service on demand

Make your guests feel special with fast service at the touch of a button.

Maximize productivity

When used for employee-to-employee notifications, increase efficiency by reducing response and downtime.

Flexible notifications

LRS button solutions can page a single person or multiple people with one or more messages.

Increase revenue

Make ordering as easy as pushing a button and guests will buy more. Ideal for guests at the pool or on the beach.