On Cue for Restaurants helps you, to manage your waiting guests better and to optimize the assignment of your tables. Guests get seated fast and flexible and every table will be used better. 



Simplify the waiting time of your guests


It is important for restaurants to seat guests quickly, especially during rush hours.

On Cue is our solution to organize the waiting process and to speed it up through a higher information level of the team. 

On Cue for Restaurants is easy to use on the iPad to add guests and their special requests fast and easy to the waiting lists. You always have an eye on the latest status of waiting guests and the occupancy of your restaurant.

Your guests can choose if they want to get notified either by a classic restaurant pager or by text message. Thereby the app offers the flexibility the staff needs to manage the waitlists efficiently. Download the app now for free!


  Easiest app to use

  With low need for training your staff has the ability to manage your waitlist efficiently and to check the table assignment. 

  Options for your guests

  Your guests have the choice: notification by pager or by text message.

  Of course the special requests of your guests are considered during the placement in On Cue.

  Table Management 

  As a team your staff can view and update table availability to quickly seat guests and turn tables.

  Every guest gets offered his favorite table. In doing so the time gets measured to see how long a table is occupied on average or how 

  long a guest is waiting.


How it works:



Download the newcomer version in the app store for free and get excited with On Cue!